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Why Share the Gospel with the Capable?

By Andrew Hoffman Why should we bring the gospel to people who, relative to the rest of the world, seem to have life pretty well figured out? 

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Faith in the Workplace

By Cathy Luchetti We all have faith, we all have a workplace, and we all want to bring God more into everyday life. How do we do this?  How does the type of work we do advance the kingdom of … Continue reading

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How do you prove the gospel is true?

Allow me to pose a simple question: how will people in our city know that the gospel is true? When I say “true” I mean authentic, real, effective, and worthwhile. This simple question has all kinds of answers today. I … Continue reading

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Why Does the Church Exist?

Why are we here? Ok, maybe that’s too existential for this humble blog post. Let’s refine the question: why does the church exist? This question is very important because if we can answer it, we know what the church should … Continue reading

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Making Community Work: Part 3, Calling the Audible

For those less familiar with this football analogy, an “audible” is when the play caller decides at the last second that the play everyone was planning to execute is no longer a good one (usually because of something unexpected that … Continue reading

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