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The Tree and the Fence: Solano’s Discipleship Pathway

By Andrew Hoffman Spiritual growth mostly happens organically: a bit of scripture unexpectedly leaps from the page right into an aching hole in our heart, a sermon one Sunday feels aimed directly at us, a friend’s voice suddenly comes through … Continue reading

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Making Community Work: Part 3, Calling the Audible

For those less familiar with this football analogy, an “audible” is when the play caller decides at the last second that the play everyone was planning to execute is no longer a good one (usually because of something unexpected that … Continue reading

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Project Feed in Home Groups

For those of you part of the Solano Community Church Home Group ministry, we’re about to embark on a journey that will be exciting, at times challenging, and, Lord willing, very fruitful.  We’re calling it Project Feed and the goal … Continue reading

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