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Get to Know Someone: Lessons from Africa

As we pulled up the final steep section of the dirt road to the pastors’ conference, Bishop Esron met us in front and delivered some unexpected news.  “Today is umuganda and so we must delay the conference to serve alongside … Continue reading

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Making Community Work: Part 2, Setting the Dials

Home groups are critical to the ministry of Solano Community Church. To be successful, however, a home group requires constant thought and intentionality. Leaders and home group members are continually balancing numerous “tensions” within the small community. If left unattended, … Continue reading

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Making Community Work: Part 1, Constant Flux

Solano Community Church is emphasizing home groups this month.  As we grow in numbers, home groups become more and more important to discipleship.  We’ve never wanted to be that church where people merely “attend” on Sunday but see little impact … Continue reading

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