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Thinking Through Sexual Sin and Brokenness

By Jackie Knapp In the past few weeks, we have sensed God moving in our community to bring darkness to light, especially in the area of sexual sin and brokenness. As a response, we want to open the door for … Continue reading

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A Parking Meter Blessing….(really!)

“Spare change?” she asked hopefully.  Turning around, I met the bright gaze of a woman wrapped in a blue shawl, leaning up against a building on Shattuck Street. She was grinning up at me, eyes twinkling.  She looked like she … Continue reading

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Vision Comes Out of Vision: Connecting with Reality as We Dream for the Future

I was walking to my office Saturday evening to finish my preparations for “Vision Day” and feeling a little anxious.  I usually spend some time in devotions before working on the message, so I said a quick prayer as I … Continue reading

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Becoming Agents of Grace

I’ve recently had several discussions with SCCers about how we as Christians relate with the peoples and cultures here in the East Bay.  To stimulate even more discussion, I’m recommending Culture-Making by Andy Crouch.  Crouch is great at surveying the … Continue reading

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Law and Gospel

“The Law” is huge in the history of Jesus’ people.  Few words were ever given with such fanfare (fire, storms, stone tablets, big bearded guy in robe) and few words have ever been cherished as the words of the law … Continue reading

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