June 18, 2021

Who We Are…

Andrew Pic

In July of 1994 I decided that the best way he could spend the rest of my one, short life was to help others find and follow Jesus. I’ve been striving to do that ever since (sometimes even succesfully!). In addition to taking care of my family and being “Pastor” to many, OPISO is a further expression of that goal. I’ve has chosen to develop OPISO in community because I believe following Jesus can only be done well with the help of others. If something here has nudged you a little further along the path, drop us a note and tell us how.

Solano Community Church

One thought on “Who We Are…

  1. interesting……i like your article. i can work with that. please keep up the interesting work of following and seeing the work of God being fulfilled, many see and don’t believe..the work of GOD. faithful servants of God recieve more work and empty talkers just doubt like the waves of the sea being tossed here and there…your article was good spiritual food, thank you.
    your friend,

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