June 18, 2021

Good Friday

In The Jesus Prayer,  Author Frederica Mathewes-Green writes about hungering for God’s presence but not experiencing it:

“Picture yourself walking around a shopping mall, looking at people and the window displays. Suddenly, you get a whiff of cinnamon. You weren’t even hungry, but now you really crave a cinnamon roll. This craving isn’t something you made up. There you were, minding your own business, when some drifting molecules of sugar, butter, and spice collided with a susceptible patch inside your nose. You had a real encounter with cinnamon—not a mental delusion, not an emotional projection, but the real thing.
And what was the effect? You want more, now. And if you hunger to know the presence of God, it’s because … you have already begun to scent [God’s] compelling delight.”

Hungering for and seeking after God is a key theme in the Bible.  Nurturing that hunger propels us forward in Christ.  Fasting helps us remember that our greatest yearning is not for food or any other thing, but for God himself.  Sincere and selfless fasting can draw us deeper into prayer and deeper into communion with Christ.

Throughout the history of the church, Good Friday has been a day of fasting and prayer to help us prepare for the joyful feast of Easter.  SCC traditionally celebrates Good Friday through voluntary fasting, devotions and corporate prayer and fast-breaking.  You are invited to join in any or all these with us.  Friday night we will gather at Ocean View at 7PM for prayer and a meal together.

A Note On Fasting
Fasting is a spiritual practice observed by Jesus, the Apostles, the early church and the Old Testament believers.  Jesus’ teaching assumes that at least some of his followers would fast.  While there is no command to fast (Jesus did not ordain it like he did baptism and communion), believers down through the ages have found it to be a rich and worthy tool for prayer and spiritual reflection.  If you decide to fast, we recommend a daytime fast from food (drink lots but don’t eat from when you get up until we break the fast on Friday night together).  Whether or not you fast, consider working through the devotional below throughout Good Friday and considering joining us for corporate prayer.

Click here for the Good Friday Devotional.