June 18, 2021

Missional Living

Everyone is on a mission.  Jesus wants us to join his.  Before coming to Jesus, my mission was “me” (to be honest, for a long time afterwords too!).  Comfort, money, status, coolness, freedom from hassles, acceptance, you name it, we go after it…  even those of us who claim to be and truly are followers of Jesus.  At some point, however, Jesus sends a little message.  He might send it through a crisis or a sudden sense of purposelessness, a sermon or a friend.  Like the phone in our pocket we feel it vibrating in our soul.  “Join me” it says, “Love, Jesus.”  Not hitting “reply” to this message can be devastating because huge portions of the blessing of the Christian life  cannot be experienced until we get on mission.Jesus mission is simple (make disciples), but the outworking of it is infinitely varied.  As many  as there are human beings, there are ways to carry out Jesus’ mission.  God delights in taking our unique personality, experiences, gifts, passions, social context, etc. and melding us into his mission agency, the body of Christ, the church.  But figuring out how we fit in is the easy part.  The more critical step is the decision to get on mission in the first place.I recently passed ten years in full-time ministry and still find “mission creep” (the tendency to get off mission) to be a daily enticement.  During a celebratory personal retreat last month God focused my attention on a word that continues to minister to me: stewardship.  It is super biblical and it carries a host of associations that empower a person to stay on mission.  Here’s how the thinking goes.  Everything that is “me” belongs to Jesus.  I’m just a steward, which means I’m taking care of something (me) that belongs to someone else (Jesus).  My job is to answer the question, “what would Jesus have me do with me (warts and all)?”  Answering that question keeps me on Jesus’ mission.So, are you on mission today?  Do you own “you” or are you a steward of “you?” What does Jesus want you to do with this resource he’s entrusted to you?