June 18, 2021

Emmaus Partners

The Solano Community Church leadership has been reflecting on how better to disciple people who fall RoadtoEmmausinto the category of “mature Christian.”  These are people who regularly worship, serve, reach out and participate in community but find the process of growth still needs a little “something.”  For many, we believe one aid will be deeper Christian friendships where there is rich theological contemplation, accountability and prayer.  To this end, we’ve developed a new resource called  “Emmaus Partners.”  The “Emmaus Partners” resource was developed from our study of how Jesus discipled others, what current studies reveal about mature Christians and our own “road tests.”  Wherever you consider yourself to be along the continuum of growth, please take a look and consider taking the walk to Emmaus with a couple of friends.  Here’s the link:EmmausPartners.pdf