June 18, 2021

Good Friday?

by Peter Konz

cross-thorns-small.jpgI don’t know about you, but I sometimes have trouble wrapping my head around “Good Friday.”  Not in what God wrought, but more in the name.  It seems a paradox when we consider the trial and passion of our Lord, to think of it as good. It is in fact a time of mourning and sorrow.  It is a time to consider how human sin caused this death.  But it is also a time for us to remember God’s great love for us that He should submit and be obedient unto death for us.  It is in that way a “Good Friday” for us as we take this time to be reminded of this great love for us and to commemorate the wonder of it all.

For centuries the Church has commemorated this day in a multitude of ways.  Through history it has been a time of fasting and abstinence, a laying aside of ourselves to consider how Jesus laid aside himself for us.  St.  Augustine wrote this about Good Friday:  “For us he was unto thee both the victor and the victim, and therefore the victor, because he was the victim for us he was unto thee both Priest and the sacrifice, and therefore the Priest, because he was the sacrifice… I meditate upon the price of my redemption”  (Confessions X, xliii).However you choose to lay yourself aside this day, take the time to remember Him and what He has done.  Below is an outline for Good Friday devotions.Good Friday Devotional Outline (Printable Version)Morning

  1. Ask God to help you lay aside yourself and to give this day to Him. Let His Spirit lead and open your heart to Him.
  2. Read Psalm 22 and Psalm 54
  3. Consider how God brought this about for you and the entire world
  4. As the Lord speaks to you, take time to journal and or draw something that God has shared with you.
  5. As God opens your heart let Him lead you to prayer.  Pray for what He places utmost upon your heart.


  1. Ask God to draw you to and into His word, ask Him to speak to you by His Spirit and His word.
  2. Read Lamentations 3:1-9, 3:19-33 and I Peter 1: 10-20
  3. Consider how it is that God brought you to himself and continues to work in your life
  4. What stands out for you? Ask God about those things.
  5. Pray for those who are in need of Jesus.


  1. Read John 13:36-38 and Matthew 27:45-50
  2. Ask God to bring to mind all that He has put on your heart this day.
  3. Pray

Note on Fasting:If you feel led to fast, we recommend a fast from solid foods beginning when you wake up and ending after the prayer meeting on Friday night.  In place of breakfast and lunch, read scripture and pray (using the above devotional).  If you do choose to fast, make sure to drink lots of liquids.  Keep your head up, don’t complain (Matthew 6:16-18), replace each hunger pang with a prayer and pay attention to Christ’s movement throughout the day.We’ll be gathering for prayer and a meal on Good Friday at Solano Church in Albany.

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  1. Thanks for your post, Peter. It’s wonderful to have a devotional to refer to for Good Friday, especially in place of meals!

  2. I read this last year and it’s still helpful to revisit it again this year. Thanks, Peter!

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